RGP Prices Facing Major Hikes Next Week

6:00 AM

Less than 10% of contact lens wearers use RGP lenses, and this niche market hasn't seen much change in technology or price in many years in traditional lens options.  Next week prices are slated to take a sudden spike however as Valeant Pharmaceuticals institutes a price hike to their multiple RGP materials-- reports saying prices are increasing on various products from 28 to as much as 127%.  Valeant owns about 75% of the U.S. RGP market between their 2014 purchase of Bausch and Lomb (who owns the popular Boston material line) and their recent acquisition of Paragon Vision Sciences who manufacturers common lens materials Paragon HDS and Fluoroperm.  Price increases are set to take effect after October 30th. All this comes in the shadow of much larger legal issues brewing within Valeant's corporation.

If you are a patient wanting to purchase new RGP lenses this year, you may be faced with higher prices to stay in Boston or similar materials, or your doctor may suggest trying something else. In order to prevent having to raise lens prices to their patients, doctors may suggest refitting their patients to materials like Menicon Z, Optimum Extra, and Tyro 97.  Your doctor will discuss with you if your lens is affected by these changes, and whether you could potentially be successful with a material of lower cost to you.  At this time there have been no reports of price increases to the Boston lens cleaning solutions that are popular with RGP wearers.

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