Fashion in Focus: Transition to Spring with Cat-Eye Frames

8:31 AM

With (hopefully) one last blast of winter leaving the Carolinas, it's been hard to go back to wearing sweaters for the last few days.  How can you make sweaters feel less tired?  By pairing them with a fashion forward pair of glasses of course.  Once again, cat-eye frames are a major staple of the Spring 2014 runway.  Here's a look at how resident glasses style expert, Dr. S, is styling her transition into spring.

Cat-Eyes can be worn by most any face shape, but the more subtle the up-turn of the frame at the temples, the more universally flattering the frame. Below, the BCBG frame featured cat-eye effect is very minimal, for a more subdued (and very wearable) look.

Dark frames transition easily from winter into spring, or any season for that matter.  You can mix and match with every possible outfit when your glasses are dark brown or black.  Everyone needs a darker color of frames for the sheer versatility.  You can dress them up or dress them down.  These are your staple pair of glasses, but that doesn't mean they have to be boring.  When you pick a dark, basic color, aim for a little bit of style in the frame shape, and that's where the cat-eye look can be a great option!

If you really want to transition your look into spring, though, pick a pop of color!  The cat-eye shape really stands out when a bright color is used along the temples.  A bright blue here gives this frame a much stronger pop, but any bright or bold color will treat you well this spring.  Violet, pink, and orange are very popular accent colors this season too.

Frame: Clearvision, BCBG  Style: Julietta   Color: Blue/Tan

All photos in this post are from the talented Melissa Delorme Photography

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